D&S Appliance and Refrigeration | Tips
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Leave the door open on your washer when not in use to prevent smells for stagnant air. Add 125ml of vinegar to your wash load once a week to help prevent mould


Don’t use the self-clean feature before a dinner party or holiday or family gathering, in case it fails and service can’t be obtained in time

Gas Stoves

Always use hood fan when using stove to exhaust fumes.


Unplug and open the doors once a year for 24 hours once a year to dry out insulation in the fridge walls, and therefore save on electricity


Run hot water in the sink before starting machine. Refrain from closing soap door, let the soap fall in for better cleaning. Also make sure the hot water tank is 140 degrees F


If there is no heat, check your breakers. If there is lots of heat but clothes won’t dry, check your vent.

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